Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Her (or….yourself)

Hello lovelies!

Valentine’s Day is almost here and I love giving fun gifts to my girlfriends!  Here is a sampling of ideas for all the women in your life (including yourself).

what to buy your girlfriend for valentines day valentines day gifts high and low budget what to buy for her for vday that she will love sweet gifts for her

Sweet Heart Bowls $8 – perfect for holding trinkets or candy

Heart Umbrella $38 – I ordered one too!

Heart Book Box $55 – perfect for a treasure (hint Mr. Wonderful)

Heart Shaped Glasses $12 – would cheer anyone up!

Valentino Clutch $1395 – Valentino Red says Valentine like nothing else

I Love You tray $18 – I love mine and hold my daily jewelry in it

Cheeky Phone cover $50 – this is beyond adorable

Open Cuff Bracelet $65 – Delicate and sweet

Cerise earrings $44 – Statement makers

Balloon Doggy Money Bank $60 – Perfect for my nightstand

Have a great week!


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Valentine’s Day: Sequin Dress & Leopard Vest

Hello lovelies!

Hope everyone has had a good week! I am still fighting this crazy cough (I sound like an 80 year-old smoker), but mind over matter I keep telling myself.

I want to share my Valentine’s Day outfit today (I told Mr. Wonderful not to peek at the post). I love Valentine’s Day, so much so that I send out a family Valentine’s Day card every year (very much like most people’s family Christmas photos!) Who can possibly resist the idea of celebrating love? And I am super excited because this year I am celebrating the big day in Rosemary Beach (drumroll…our new house is finally done!!!!) In your mind, please imagine me jumping up and down right now….

When I saw this dress a few weeks ago I fell in love with the color and the muted sequins (I also bought the skirt seen here). The boxy shape is comfortable and the length is super sexy. The dress is also on sale with another 40% off online, so it is only $50 right now. I wanted to keep warm since we are experiencing another cold front so I threw on the fun fur as a cover up. I adore these old booties from Schutz – I have them in black and have been looking for them in other colors for awhile but they were sold out. I found this pair – brand new and in the box on Poshmark. I basically swooned when I found them. Poshmark is an on-line community where you can resell your wardrobe – it has everything from clothing to accessories and shoes. It is super easy to use – you download the postmark app on your phone, and take pictures of items for sale on your phone to upload to the app. When an item sells you get the shipping label sent to you and all you have to do is pack and ship. I do a lot of my consigning on my postmark closet – you should definitely check it out.

P.S.  The Serial follow-up to Adnan Syed case is on right now – Sarah Koening is doing three follow up episodes.

schutz booties what to wear for valentines day leopard fur vest gray outfit textures outfit chic date night outfit what to wear for valentines day date houston fashion blogger banana republic style

Sequin Dress (on sale with additional 40% off online)

Schutz booties (love the flats version here)

Fur Vest (mine is old but I love this gray faux fur vest on sale for 50% off here)

Kotur clutch (no longer available but similar here)

Stella & Dot necklace (current season version here)

Dior earrings (similar luxe for less here)

Cartier bracelets (similar luxe for less here)

Ippolita bracelets

Bulgari ring (luxe for less here) and custom ring Zadok’s


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De-Cluttering My Life – How To’s For The Closet

Hello lovelies!

I am finally (almost) recovered from the cold I inherited from one of my little people (who knew ribs could hurt this much from coughing?) I have a few New Year’s resolutions in process, but the one I am focused on right now is organizing and de-cluttering my surroundings. Some psychologists believe that living in a state of chaos (clutter) causes anxiety, and feelings of being overwhelmed that cause stress and procrastination towards change (oh dear…). Some even go so far as categorizing the clutter areas and what they represent (it is a scary read….) I will not get into all of the details here, but suffice it to say that I have started a total home do-over beginning with my closet.

There are a few things I have discovered so far with this process – the number one rule of de-cluttering a space is THROW IT OUT. You have to let go of the sentimental stuff – I promise it is exhilarating and liberating. The one excuse I hear from clients (and myself) is – “I might use it one day.” The truth is if you haven’t worn it in three years, you are very unlikely to need it in the future (and if you do need it three years from now, you can buy another one at that time that also fits well and works with current fashion….food for thought.)

As I started on my own closet – the first step is to take everything out. I mean everything. The entire space (closet and drawers) should be completely empty. This gave me the opportunity to wipe everything down and to take a full inventory. I made piles of all the clothing and then divided it into areas. I divided all the items into three categories – keep, donate and give away. I determined what went into each pile first by asking the question – DO I LOVE IT? If the answer is yes – then I asked the second question – DOES THIS SUIT ME? There are sub-categories to these questions: 1) Do I feel good when I wear this? 2) Do I actually wear this item? Does it fit?, etc. You have to be brutally honest with the answers. If it still has tags on it and dust – then donate it to a great cause (or if it was something you spent a lot of money on and can’t part with it, then consign it.) This is really the hardest part of the entire process. If you can’t make these decisions then have a friend come over and help you (or hire someone who will be cutthroat.) You will thank them for it.

Another tip to make the closet more organized is to use the same type of hangers – it gives it a more streamlined look.  I like these here.

Another great way to keep culling items is to hang all the items back in the closet with the hangers facing out. As you wear an item, you can turn it to start facing in – hence if there are out-turned hangers in a few months, you can remove the item and give that item away or consign it.

I like my closet to be organized by color (I rotate my closet between spring/summer and fall/winter). For example: my closet is divided into several areas (top hanging and bottom hanging) so I put all my long sleeve shirts in one area and color coordinate them. I then put all my short-sleeved tops in another area (also color coordinated), and so on. The color coordination makes it much easier to find items in my closet, and if you can find it easily then you are more likely to use it. I am not a huge fan of drawers for the same reason – I tend to forget the items in the drawers. To alleviate this problem I have designated my drawers for more practical items – workout clothes, cycling clothes, socks, undergarments, tank tops and sleep wear. My daily clothing is all where I can see it easily hanging in my closet.

At the end of this process – clients tend to become a bit scared when they see the bags of items which are full. But this is the perfect time to see what is missing in your wardrobe and also to use the remaining clothes that you couldn’t even see before to create new combinations of OOTDs! Let the creativity begin.

Up next – accessories….

Have a great week!


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Monochromatic: Sequin Pencil Skirt & Python

Hello lovelies!

The post is late today because my “super-duper fast” internet was completely not working all day.  The cable guy came and of course it starts working and he does nothing and looks at me like a crazy lady.

I love the pencil skirt from the other day (seen here – it’s on a crazy sale right now), so I decided to stay with the same theme but dress it up for dinner.  I kept everything monochromatic so my sequins wouldn’t be the center of attention.

date night sequin pencil skirt gray outfit monochromatic outfit pegasus necklace bananastyle

Sequin skirt (free shipping and 50% online only)

Top (mine is DVF but old) like these options here and here)

Necklace (sadly mine is no longer available but love the current version they have here)


Shoes (mine are old but love this sandal here and pump here)

Chanel bag

Cartier bracelets, Ippolita bangles

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Chic and Casual Mix: Cape & Pencil Skirt

Hello lovelies!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful week! The weather here is currently all over the place (hence the crazy wind in my hair in the photos.) I have a story behind the t-shirt that I am wearing for this post! The shirt is a caricature of Coco Chanel, one of my all-time favorites, accompanied by the statement “I don’t give a chic”. I bought this t-shirt at a Souk (market) in Dubai because of my Mom. Even when my Mom is really upset, she does not use foul language – however, recently in a discussion she surprised me with the term “I don’t give a shiiiiiiit” (the i sounded like a very long e.) It made me laugh out loud, and I couldn’t resist this t-shirt as a result.

I love pencil skirts! They have an understated elegance and sex appeal. This gray metallic tweed can be dressed up or down, as I have done here with the addition of the whimsical t-shirt (this skirt would also look great with some All-Stars and a white-T.) I also love it more polished with a white button down, and here I kept the rest of the outfit upscale with my cape (super hero moment) and stilettos.

sexy pencil skirt houston fashion blogger bold red lips coco chanel T shirt louboutin black stilettos itsbanana

Gray Tweed Pencil Skirt (50% online)

T-shirt (mine is from Dubai but I love these here and here)

Cape (on sale with extra 25% off with code LUXE25)



Cartier bracelets (luxe for less here), Ippolita bracelets


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University Of Houston – Table Talk

Hello lovelies!

Hope everyone had a nice and relaxing long weekend!  I have been busy gearing up for Table Talk!  It’s a great luncheon supporting the University of Houston Friends of Women’s Studies — it happens Thursday March 24th at the Hilton Americas downtown, and the invitation press deadline is January 25th. See more details below. Instead of one speaker at the front, we have 50 women from lots of industries and backgrounds, one at each table, leading the conversation.  Past conversationalists have included:  Annise Parker, Mayor of Houston, Tina Knowles, Designer, Cindy B. Taylor, CEO, Oil States Energy Services, Elizabeth Chiao, MD, MPH, Baylor College of Medicine, Dr. Ruth Simmons, President Emerita, Brown University, Jyoti Malhan, Principal, Baylor College of Medicine Academy at Ryan, Carmen Jordan, Houston Market President, IberiaBank, and Andrea Gardner, Longshorewoman, Port of Houston.  Who can resist the chance to be in a room with women with such great accomplishments.

You can go online and buy tickets directly to the event.  Here is the link:

Please commit at the highest level you can. All support goes to the UH WGSS program, where they work everyday at building a fair future for us and our kids!

If you’d like to split a table, just divide the table level by the number of guests, and guests can go online and pay their share directly.

Just have them give your name in the comments section and the office will put everyone who lists that name at the same table. The tenth guest is your conversationalist — soon after you register, you will get an email with the list of conversationalists and you send in your top ten choices. It’s a great list again this year — and the higher your table level, the better your odds for getting your first choice. To share a table with someone you don’t yet know, call the office to find a match.  I would love to see everyone come out and support this great cause!

If you want more details about the event please go online and check it out here!

Today I am experimenting with some tried and true favorites from my closet.

zara moto chanel bag christian louboutin leopard boots bee earings



Chanel bag (love this luxe for less option here)

Leopard booties (40% off)

Gurhan Ring

Ippolita Bangles

Earrings via Dubai (love these bee earrings here and here)


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Edgy Yet Feminine: Tutu Dress & Leather

Hello lovelies!

 I am behind on posting this week but truthfully I am just having a hard time getting back into the swing of things post holiday.  But I should be back on schedule next week (fingers crossed)!

I want to share this absolutely adorable tutu dress which is so user-friendly.  You know I love a good tutu (see here) – they are extremely fun and flirty.  However, I do realize that not everyone wants to walk around in a tutu all the time.  This dress has the perfect element of sweet to it but with the addition of the leather jacket it becomes edgier.  I love the juxtaposition of the two elements which make it feel contemporary.  My accessories are to a minimum to keep things simple and sleek.

tutu pink dress feminine style #anthropologie darla tutu dress houston fashion blogger petite curly hair

tutu dress (also love the black tutu dress as well)


jacket (mine is old but like this one here and here)

Shoes (free shipping with code FREESHIP) (luxe for less option here)


Ring by Nadine Boutros

Cartier bracelets

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Winter White Casual: Hoodie & Flats

Hello lovelies!

I have been extremely jet lagged but the good thing is that waking up at 4am gives me lots of extra time to catch up on shows (has anyone else started watching How to Make a Murderer?  I am OBSESSED!  It is basically the video version of the Serial podcast), get some reading in (currently I am reading All The Light We Cannot See and it is beautifully written), and make organization lists.  I love a well-organized house – I basically want my house to look like no one lives in it.  Since that is near impossible, I have made a New Year’s resolution to declutter.  I may be going way overboard but cruising the Container Store website is making me silly happy these days.  I am finished with my closet, night side tables, bathroom and my next project is my desk.  I am going to go room through room until I am done.  It is amazing how much junk I have held onto thinking I might need it one day.  I have decided I will buy it in the future, if and when I need it – which may be 10 years from now or never.

I wore this outfit while I cruised the furniture stores.   Thank you Mitchell+Gold for my little vanity table – I am a happy woman.

how to wear white for winter houston blogger casual style cashmere whote hoodie louis vuitton big bag

White Hoodie (40% off with code JUSTSHOP online)

Top (40% off with code JUSTSHOP online)


Scarf (mine is from Oman but love this one here)

Louis Vuitton bag

Shoes (mine are from St. Barth’s but love these here, here and here)

Gurhan Ring, Cartier bracelets, Zadok’s custom ring, Dior earrings


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Dubai Dining: Polka Dot Midi & Draped Top

Hello lovelies!

Hope everyone is having a great week!  This will be the last of my Dubai and Oman pics – I did a lot of R&R on the trip and took time off from work.  It also helped that my phone stopped working overseas.  Has anyone had that happen?  My iPhone kept saying it needed to be activated – but as soon as I got back to the states it started working.  I was beyond frustrated but on a positive note as the days went by I became more in tune with the relaxation element of the trip (Oman helped immensely in that aspect).

Polka dots have such a whimsy to them and the black background with the metallic shimmer made it perfect for a night out on the town.  The full skirt added to the flirty feminine feel of the outfit.  I played on the polka dot color and added gold accents and a neutral top in the same color family.  This cool jacket was a Dubai find from an Italian brand – Pinko.  The fit was spot on perfect!

polka dot midi skirt full skirt metallic prada belt aquazzura so sexy shoes dubai blogger vacation chic fashion pinko jacket houston blogger what to wear to dubai

Skirt (25% off with code TAGTIME) (here is something similar)

Pinko Jacket

Helmut Lang top (similar here)

Aquazzura shoes

Prada belt (like this gold belt here and here)

Chanel bag

Taylor & Tessier cuff, Guhran ring, Cartier bracelets

Ray-Ban sunnies


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Dubai Shopping: Ruffle Hem Top & Quilted Shoes

Hello lovelies!

It is so great to be home!  I had a fabulous time but I am excited to sleep in my own bed.  I am on a completely wacky schedule right now – with the 10 hour time difference I am up at 3am and exhausted by 5pm.  I will work on fixing that this week.  There were so many amazing things in Dubai that I don’t even know where to start.  The food was incredible – I had a wide range of cuisines including French, Lebanese, Chinese, Indian, Italian and more kinds of burgers than I can mention.  Dubai is a city that is very much on the rise – there is construction everywhere!  The construction happens all day and night long and as a result things get done incredibly fast.  It is an architects paradise – if you can dream it you can bring it to life.

 I had one day of really good shopping in Dubai and I had to take advantage!  I pulled out my handy quilted skater shoes and this super comfy top.  This outfit was great for the endless walking and the top was perfect for a leisurely casual day (I also wore it out to a fun dinner).

dubai style dub ail fashion blogger moth ruffle hem top quilted skater shoes houston fashion blogger casual chic style travel outfit shopping outfit what to wear to dubai

 Ruffle hem top (on sale with extra 40% off today online with code XTRA40)

Pants (30% off code NOW)


ZUZU necklaces

Taylor and Tessier cuff

Cartier bracelets

Chanel bag (love this luxe for less cross body bags here and here)


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