Hi!  I wanted to give you, my readers, a little background information so that you can get to know me.  I am a native New York City girl, but my adopted home for the past few years has been Houston, Texas.  I never thought I would be a southern girl because I am such a New Yorker at heart, but the charm and vibrancy of Houston has claimed me.  I have been fascinated with the world of fashion my whole life.  In an alternative life I would have gone to FIT or Parsons and pursued my passion sooner, but alas I went to law school instead. 🙂  I was an Assistant District Attorney in NYC specializing in Domestic Violence, Sex Offenses and Child Abuse before moving to Houston.

My love of fashion comes through to anyone who knows me.  It began when I was young (my mother was a fashionista as well), marinated on the streets of New York, and has continued in my adult life via my wardrobe, voraciously following fashion trends, and assisting friends with their styling choices (everything from gala events, weddings, brunches or date nights on through to “heels or flats”).  I have been contemplating starting a styling business and fashion blog for several years and I am finally pursuing my dream.  As you no doubt can tell, I am very excited about this new adventure.

Every blog has a voice and a point of view – mine will be centered on “sparks”.  When I see or read something innovative or interesting such as a painting, tech gadget, song, great book, symphony, beautiful bag, or a fabulous pair of shoes, I always ask myself the same thing – “What sparked that idea?”.  I believe that everything, including the perfect outfit, starts with a spark, and I hope to share my “sparks” with you via this blog.

I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing!


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  1. I’ve only been on your blog a short time, but I love it already! I was born and raised in NYC as well and moved down to the ‘south’ in Florida over ten years ago. Never thought the south would take my heart, but it did. I just started using the term ‘Y’ALL’. I used to loathe that word lol but it’s a part of me now. Oh well you can be a City girl and Southern girl at the same time right?


    • Hi Rakhi! Thanks so much – you are too sweet! I completely know what you mean – I have been in Houston about 11 years and never imagined I would love it as much as I do. Thanks so much for finding me and I hope you continue to read and love it! I checked out your blog as well. I rather enjoyed “you don’t have time, you don’t have to” – it was music to my ears. xo

  2. Hello Sannam, it was very nice meeting you at the trunk show this past weekend. I am now following you and already enjoying the great looks you have posted. Looking forward to all your sparks!

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