Gray Skies – Cape & Skinnies

Hello lovelies!

Happy Wednesday! Some weeks it feels like a big accomplishment just to make it to the middle of the week – do you know what I mean?  The endless rain has dampened my spirit this week.  But I want to share one of my favorite pieces of outerwear today – the cape!

studded belt, SATC accessories, carrie bradshaw belt, burberry cape

Burberry Cape, J. Crew top (on sale for $14.99), J Brand skinnies, Zara necklace, Chanel clutch, Chanel watch, Ippolita ring

The Spark!

This cape has been a huge hit this fall/winter season. The cape is such an interesting garment – in some ways it defies classification – is it a sweater? Is it a coat? What is its purpose really? To me it is an easy to wear topper for virtually every garment and it is extremely comfortable. Not the most practical of choices for the extreme winter months, but during fall, light winter days and early spring it seems like the obvious choice. Besides, I love how it is such a show stopper. It has a dramatic Sherlock Holmes kind of quality and people do love the uniqueness of it, I promise.

burberry cape, chic outwear, SATC studded belt,  zara bib necklace, comfortable casual style

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studded belt, black white and gray outfit, casual downtown chic outfit, jeans street style

lucite necklace, zara necklace, bib necklace,great accessories

I have a funny story about this ZARA necklace.   When I saw it I immediately gravitated towards it.  The shape, the sparkle and the color are spot on perfect for me.  While I was removing it from the hook a young girl about 6 years old with her mother pointed at it and started jumping up and down.  She was also screaming “ooooh, this one, this one”.  It was beyond cute!  I turned to her embarrassed mother and said, “she is just doing what I am feeling on the inside.”  🙂

leather detailed cape, burberry cape, black outwear, unique outer ware, cat eye sunnies

I love the leather detailing on the cape – they say the devil is in the details and I agree wholeheartedly.

gianvito rossi shoes, black steel tipped shoes, fabulous shoes

crazy curly hair

It was a bit windy last week….

bruberry cape style, chic accessories, cold weather outfit

I hope your staying warm wherever you are – but if not, try a cape.



Outfit Details:

Burberry CapeJ. Crew top (on sale for $14.99), J Brand skinnies

Accessories:  Zara necklace, Chanel clutch, Chanel watch, Cartier bracelets, Ippolita ring, Gianvito Rossi shoes

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  1. Thanks for the tip on how to wear a cape. I love this style but was never sure how to wear it…perhaps it’s because I am trying to wear it in too cold of a winter

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