I am in InStyle Magazine!

Hello lovelies!

I must apologize for being MIA but I have been under the weather (it visited everyone in the house and I was the last to succumb….)  I am finally feeling like myself again, and I want to share some very exciting news today!  I am in the May issue of InStyle Magazine!  I am beyond thrilled to appear in InStyle in any capacity – it has been one of my favorite magazines since I was a teenager.  I kept up with it religiously through college and law school, and to see my face in the pages is an indescribable feeling (I am sure my fellow fashionistas know exactly what I am talking about!)  I am so incredibly thankful for all of my friends and followers who have made something like this possible in just a few short months.

I was recently talking to a friend and she asked me what made me start this new chapter in my life.  It really started with two very basic questions –  “What do I love?”, and “What do I think I do well?”  The answer was very straight forward:  I love fashion and I love styling, so starting a personal styling business and a fashion blog seemed like a very logical step.  I launched this blog in October and I have never looked back.  What I found surprising was that my friend then said she doesn’t know her own answer to the first question, “What do I love?”.   I cannot adequately explain what it means to me to be able to do something that I genuinely enjoy on a daily basis.  When I was at the Lucky FABB conference (see write up here) a few weeks ago, I was struck that each speaker is living a life filled with passion, and what a joy to be able to do that every singe day.  I encourage everyone to look deep within themselves and pursue their passions.

Black and White Outfit Inspiration Streetstyle Inspired by InStyle Magazine Reader Look of The Day InStyle Inspiration Cameron Diaz

Here I am….

Reader Look of The Day Inspired by InStyle Deals and Steals Black and White Outfit Ideas InStyle

I love that a Black and White Outfit was featured – you know how much I love that color combo (see black and white outfit styledBlack and White Stripe on Stripe OOTD, and the featured Isabel Marant black and white sweater).

On a funny note – my conversation with my Mom about being featured in InStyle.

Me: “Mom I am featured in InStyle magazine this month!”

Mom:  “That is wonderful!  Are you on the cover?”

Me:  “No Mom, Cameron Diaz is on the cover.  She does have those blockbuster movies going for her.”

Mom:  “That’s okay Sannam –  I am still proud of you”

This conversation is so emblematic of an immigrant mother.  I was upset at first because she deflated my bubble, but then I realized (after speaking to my awesome girlfriend) that in my Mom’s eyes of course I could be on the cover.  That kind of support and faith allows you to accomplish just about anything (Maybe next year Mom…..)

How are you living a life filled with passion?



Photography:  Leslie Gaworecki, Goodlight Photography 

16 thoughts on “I am in InStyle Magazine!

    • Thanks so much Alex! It is just amazing to be featured in an awesome magazine like InStyle – a dream come true! xo

    • Thank so much Nicole! It is surreal to see my face in the pages of InStyle! It was the best cure for the Monday Blues! xo

    • Thanks Elaine! I love that you recognized before reading my write up – makes it even better! xoxo

  1. Ummmm YES!!! So amazing and you are so deserving! Going to pick up a copy now (if it wasn’t so creepy I would frame you lol)

    xx Cara

    • Thanks so much Cara! I have been floating on cloud 9 all week! xo
      ps I don’t think its creepy at all 🙂

  2. Hi Sannam,

    Crazy finding you on here!!! 🙂 I knew I had seen your pictures once or twice or more before 😉

    Anyway, I just wanted to say congratulations – and also, your little note about your moms comment, really hit home. I think it is very much a cultural thing and I can relate. But more so than anything, I liked how were able to see it in another light – the way, I’m sure our moms mean. And yes, you very well could be on the cover!

    See you at the shop soon!


    • Thank you so much for your sweet and kind words!! You know our Moms totally believe that we can accomplish anything – even be on the cover of InStyle magazine 🙂 I have become a regular at the shop, haven’t I? I swear they are the best macarons I have ever had and I think you should seriously consider calling my favorite “Sannam’s salty caramels” – just a thought. 😉

      I will be thinking of you as I am devouring my new batch shortly! Great to see you as always and I am sure Ill see you at least a few more times this week! xoxo

    • Thank you so much! It is such a dream come true to follow my passion and I am loving every minute of it! xo

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