Marriage of Opposites – Boy Blazer & Girly Blush Pink Top

Hello lovelies!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday!  As the temperatures slowly increase in Houston and hover around the 60’s, I have turned to layers as a sure-fire way to stay warm (and stylish….)

chic outfit, date night, boy blazer, masculine feminine mix

Fendi top, J. Crew blazer, GAP pants, Tory Burch boots, Presmer clutch, Taylor & Tessier cuff, Cartier bracelets,          Tiffany & Co. necklace, Nadine Boutros ring,

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Army Green Is Taking Over My Wardrobe – Dash of Orange, Leopard & Sequins

Hello lovelies!

I hope you had a wonderful week getting back into the full swing of everyday life.  It has been raining excessively in Houston, but at least it is warmer, and I think there is an end in sight. Hurrah!

Today I want to share a color that has been slowly taking over my closet (apparently it is an insurgency…)  Army green!

old navy rock star skinnies; miu miu sunnies; zara sequin clutch; banan republic orange T, christian loubotuin; leopard booties; casual chic outfit

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Black Swan – Burgundy Silk Top, Black Tulle Skirt & Gold Accents

Hi lovelies!

Hope your having a fabulous week!  I am off to the Northeast on Friday and have been busy packing and getting ready for the Holidays.  A question that I have been asked quite often lately is “what is yourfavorite item of clothing?”.  On the surface it would seem to be a straight forward question both to ask and to answer.  However, it is not unlike asking a mother which one of her children is her favorite – you love them all equally, but differently (and your favorite changes based on how they are behaving!)

tulle skirt; ballerina skirt; black swan outfit

Proenza Schouler top (similar available here and here); Tulle skirt; Saint Laurent shoes; Taylor and Tessier cuff; Saint Laurent clutch; Saint Laurent belt; Cartier bracelets; Gurhan ring; Cartier watch

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Fall Layers – Orange Ruffles, Jogging Pants and Black Leather Jacket

Hi lovelies!

I hope everyone is having a great week and getting ready for Thanksgiving tomorrow.  I LOVE Thanksgiving – it is my favorite holiday of the year.  There is a charm to the day that no other holiday holds for me.  It is a day spent with your loved ones (family, friends or in my case both).  We spend all day cooking and congregating around the kitchen, and there is no sense of urgency for the day – the joy is in the time spent in and of itself.  Some of my favorite memories are the laughter and the story telling that happens when you have no where to be and nothing to do.  It is like family magic.

Each family has its own traditions, and we like to go around the table and say what we are thankful for each year.  I am thankful this year (like every year) for my amazing family, for their support and love, my fantastic friends, my new blog venture and for you, my readers, for tuning in three times a week.  What are you guys thankful for this year?

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Anemic Gray Fur Vest – Gray Skinnies & Vintage Chanel

Hi lovelies!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend gearing up for the upcoming Thanksgiving Day Holiday!  I want to share some cold weather outfits as the the temperatures in Houston fell dramatically this weekend (I have been getting quite a few emails about boots and layers).

stella and dot kahlo necklace; banana republic leopard faux fur vest; cartier love bracelets; miu miu sunnies; nadine boutros ring; lobster ring; fun jewelry; casual OOTD; tiffany & Co pearl earrings; evil eye bracelet; bcbg gray skinnies

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Sarah Jessica Parker – Tulle Skirt, Leather Jacket & Fabulous Shoes

Hi lovelies!

I hope you had a wonderful week!

It was my birthday two weeks ago and I finally came up for air to celebrate.  A dear friend of mine arranged for a girl’s lunch, and there is nothing more delightful than spending the afternoon surrounded by your girlfriends.  One of my favorite parts of the afternoon was the theme of the lunch – you had to come in an outfit inspired by your favorite Sannam and Style blog post.  I was tickled pink by the idea, and I loved every moment of the lunch.  As I am sure you can imagine there was a lot of leopard, blush pink, 50 shades of gray, studs and lots and lots of fantastic shoes.

bcbg tulle skirt; skaist & Taylor taupe leather jacket; zara ballerina top; valentino rockstud bag; schutz rhinestone shoes; cartier love bracelets; hermes bracelet;

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Casual Style – Studs, Spikes & Plaid

Hi lovelies!

Hope you are surviving your week thus far!  I am sorry for the late post this morning, but I hosted an Inprint meeting last night that ran a tad bit late.  Inprint is an organization that fosters the art of creative writing here in Houston.  They do many wonderful things around town, but they are most well known for the Margaret Root Brown Reading series.  If you have never attended this event then I highly recommend that you buy some tix for the reading next Monday night (November 18th), and be prepared to be transported by a wonderful reading by Chimanda Adichie & Colum McCann.  I promise it will be the best five dollars you ever spent.

I had a wonderful time last night, and there were a few highlights to my evening that have to be mentioned.  I was a tad bit giddy when I met Chitra Banerjee Divakuruni right in my kitchen!  Some authors are great writers and some are great story tellers, but she has been blessed with both talents.  If you have not read any of her books, I am very excited to introduce you to this wonderful writer.  I recommend that you run out and delve in to her new novel Oleander Girl right away.

The other highlight of my evening was the typewriter busking!  If you have never heard of this (which I hadn’t) – you must try it.  Basically you provide any topic of your choosing to the busker (in this case two lovely University of Houston graduate students in the creative writing program) and he or she will write a poem (on a typewriter) right there in front of you!  It was delightful!  My topic was “style” and here is the busking that I got.


by Conor Bracken

It’s invisible

When you got it it’s got you

a tender smile in its velvet jaws.

You wear it when you want

to not be you but “You!”

It’s the dress that you take off at night

to remember how it feels

to be seen.

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Fall Mixing – Camouflage Skinnies & Peplum Leather

Hello lovelies!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!  After Friday’s post on the chambray shirt as a staple (seen here), today I wanted to focus on another wardrobe staple – Camouflage.

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Shades of Blue – Sequins, Studs & The Chambray Shirt

Hello lovelies!

I want to start by thanking all of my readers for your support (and votes) – I am so excited to tell you that my post Punk Chic – Plaid Top, Leather Skirt & Studs is featured on Lucky Magazine  – the Lucky Reader Look of the day.

This time of year I have learned to embrace the element of surprise when it comes to weather in Houston.  I just never know what to expect when I open the door in the morning as the temperature drops and rises and then drops again.  I took these photos a few days ago when it was scorching hot – seems like a long time ago as the temperature hovers in the 50s this morning….

chambray and sequins

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Biker Brunch – Tough Denim & Cascading Silk

Hi lovelies!

Hope everyone is enjoying their week!  I thought I would share some photos I took with my hair blown out.  My hair is such a huge part of my persona that I feel like a completely different person when it is straight.  For such a small detail, it can completely change my attitude – perhaps I need to name this persona like Beyonce and Sasha Fierce.  What do you think?

One (amongst many) of my favorite side effects of this fashion blog is that I feel like I am discovering my own city in a completely different way.  I cannot believe that I never noticed the architecture of City Hall in downtown Houston.  I had been there for many festivities but never took the time to really look at the building itself.  I had no idea the doors on City Hall were so gorgeous.  They have an art deco feel to them, and I felt they were a perfect backdrop for this shoot.

alice + olivia draped skirt

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