Jacquard Asymmetrical Skirt, Floppy Hat & Flats

Hello lovelies!

Hope everyone is having a great week and enjoying the short reprieve from the rain!  I cannot get enough of this amazing weather and I must confess….Mr. Wonderful has convinced me to start…..cycling!  I know I haven’t processed this yet either….I have to say upfront the outfit is not very cute no matter how much pink I throw at it (and I am throwing a lot of accessories at it!)  But I do love to be outdoors and the current weather is a great motivator.  I am still getting use to the ummmm…seat, but other than that I have not enjoyed being in the outdoors this much in a long time.

Does anyone remember when they learned how to ride a bike?  It is my single most prominent memory of my childhood.  My father taught how me to ride, and I can still remember his very large frame on my tiny red BMX pedaling away to show me the motion.  When my turn came, he swore he wouldn’t let go, and of course as soon as I started pedaling quickly he did.  I turned around and when I saw that he had let go, I promptly turned the wheel and ran into a wall.  Like a good student I dusted myself off and got back on the bike, and since that moment for me cycling represented my very first freedom – the ability to get somewhere without my parents (and for a relatively sheltered child it was amazing!)  I still get that same sense of freedom even today – I will keep you posted on my cycling adventures.

Meanwhile, I wore this yesterday to a few meetings.  I adore this asymmetrical skirt (also styled here) and I wanted to keep it chic but easy with flats.  These shoes are one of my favorite flats (I rarely wear flats, but I like the slight stacked bottom on this pair) and they go with just about everything I own.  The floppy hat trend continues through this fall and it is great for bad hair days (yup I was lazy this day).

red celine box bag chic balck and white outfit asymmetrical skirt how to style a red bag sparkle sneakers fendi fur charm floppy hat for fall how to wear sneakers casually houston fashion blogger

Asymmetrical Skirt

White Button Down


Hat (40% off and I added the chain to it)

Dior earrings (but luxe for less option here)

Ear cuff via Dubai – Sauce Rocks

ZuZu necklaces, Gurhan ring, Cartier bracelets, Zadok custom ring

Céline bag (here is a great cross body bag only available for a limited time here)



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Spring Is Coming – Button Down, Leopard & Boots

Hello lovelies!

I am a huge fan of Game of Thrones, and I have been increasingly enticed by the build-up from their previews.  You know the slogan “Winter is Coming” – it seems to occupy my brain (on repeat), hence why today we will focus on my own rhapsody on a theme:  Spring is Coming…

leopard street style, chic outfit, date night outfit, zara blazer

ZARA blazer (last season but similar leopard blazer here and here), GAP pants, Isabel Ardée shirt (similar here), Christian Louboutin boots, Céline bag, Hérmes belt, Chanel watch, Custom necklace (similar gold necklace), Taylor &Tessier cuff,  Cartier bracelets, Saint Laurent ring, Miu Miu sunnies Continue reading

Spring Transition – Detailed Jacket & Boots

Hi lovelies!

I hope you’re having a fabulous week!  I am going to start today’s post with a shameless plug – Vanity Fair puts out a best dressed list each year, and they reserve a spot for one of the fashion bloggers, who is selected via on-line voting.  I have submitted some of my favorite blog stylings onto their site and I would love for you guys to vote for them (I can’t make it to the list without you!)  Please log on and vote for all of your favorite stylings – if there is one in particular you have loved please let me know and I  will submit that as well.  Here is the website – just click on the heart to vote (feel free to click them all!)

Vanity Fair – Sannam Warrender

Today I want to share a restyling of my favorite Isabel Marant pour h&m collaboration – the beautiful detailed jacket!

chic black and coral outfit, downtown chic, tall boots, layered outfit, chic detailed outfit, celine luggage tote

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Neutral Heaven – Black, Beige & Gold

Hello lovelies!

I hope everyone had a fabulous week – I am definitely looking forward to the weekend!  As a follow-up to Wednesday’s post (see here), I decided to stick with neutral colors again today.

celine black patent luggage tote, ruffle skirt, feminine silhouette, date night outfit, chic layers
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